Hundreds rallied in the rain outside the barricaded doors of Trump International Hotel at Columbus Circle on Tuesday night to condemn the President's executive order reviving the Dakota Access and Keystone Pipeline projects. Marshaled by calls for action posted to social media only hours earlier, demonstrators laid their dissent directly at Trump's feet. At least one sign stole a phrase directly from last Friday's inaugural address: "DAPL IS AMERICAN CARNAGE."

Native American community leaders and activist celebrities including Gasland director Josh Fox and actress Jane Fonda delivered speeches from a megaphone at the Columbus Circle rally, demanding a divestment from banks invested in the oil pipeline that threatens both the water security of residents near Cannon Ball, North Dakota and the sovereign rights of the nearby Standing Rock Sioux native nation.

Minutes before protesters began marching toward Trump Tower, Ali Miller, 31, stood in the packed crowd cheering. Miller had attended the massive New York Women's March last Saturday—her first time participating in a political demonstration. The power of the Women's March, she said, motivated her to attend more political rallies in the future. Tuesday night was her first time demonstrating in solidarity against oil pipelines.

"Meeting people from all over the country—the solidarity was amazing and I think the momentum is up and it won't stop," Miller, who is a professor of painting and drawing at Montclair State University, said. "I think the water protectors at Standing Rock have been through enough, and the more bodies that are out here to support them, the better."