Whenever a blizzard bears down on the Big Apple, the MTA gets to bust out all their big toys. On the Authority's Flickr page, they've shared a bunch of photos of all their snow-fighting heavy machinery, and today a spokesman sent out this video showing off their super-powered snow throwers, jet-powered snow-blowers, and specially-built de-icing cars. Be sure to check out their various "snow shoes" at the three minute mark. Cabin fever conversation starter: those are used to clear ice from the third rail:

How this snow storm will impact the subway remains to be seen, but the MTA is urging commuters to head home early on Friday if they can. The MTA's Tom Prendergast says, "We will store subway cars underground after tomorrow's rush hour to protect them from the storm This is a very serious storm, and we should treat it that way." Sources say Prendergrast then sparked a match on the bottom of his Timberland boot, lit an enormous Cuban cigar, and ordered subway workers to lash him to the front of a Coney Island-bound D train while screaming "BRING IT ON GODDAMN YOU BRING IT ON!"