With severely reduced Metro-North service operating along the New Haven line, a vast swath of New England north of the NYC has been reduced to a nightmarish commuter hellscape in which the living envy the dead/unemployed. The occasional diesel trains and shuttle buses can only accommodate about 30% of the daily rush hour ridership, and the subsequent human runoff is causing severe traffic jams on roads leading into the city. Parts of the I-95 corridor are basically a parking lot. The driver who took this photo adds, "Yeah, 1 mile per damn hour. Fuck you Metro North. Fuck you":

Commuters trying to brave Metro-North are reporting extreme crowding on the trains that do arrive, as well as a communication breakdown:

In summation:

But to be fair, this is actually Con Ed's fault—a high-voltage feeder cable mysteriously failed (after a second feeder cable was taken out in order to do work at the MTA Mount Vernon substation). Here is the source of all the misery—sources say the location was once an ancient Indian burial ground and the same spot where that murderous clown buried all the bodies:

Thank Heavens for Grace: