In 2013, 168 pedestrians and 12 cyclists were killed by automobiles in New York City. Despite the mayor's efforts to implement Vision Zero, at least 31 pedestrians and 2 cyclists have been killed this year so far. Yesterday the friends and families of New Yorkers and the New York City Street Memorial Project participated in the ninth annual Memorial Ride to honor the memories of those who died on the city's streets.

The ride made at total of 12 stops, including one at East 125th Street and Park Avenue, where 24-year-old Laura Rothfuss was killed last June as she was on her bike. One cab driver knocked Rothfuss to the ground and another cab driver fatally struck her.

Another stop was at Meeker Avenue near Frost Street, where 32-year-old record store clerk Christopher Meyer fell into the roadway and was killed by a hit and run driver.

The last stop was at Union Avenue and Meeker Avenue, and honored all the cyclists and pedestrians that were killed in 2013 and never identified.

“When we installed the first Ghost Bike in New York City nearly 10 years ago, we sought Vision Zero—no New Yorkers killed in city traffic." Leah Todd, a volunteer with the New York City Street Memorial Project says in a statement. "Since then, little has changed: dangerous drivers behave with reckless abandon and deadly arterials, like the ground-level streets that follow the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway corridor, remain unchanged. Until the City steps up and engages all road users in creating safer streets, these needless deaths will continue to occur."