Thousands of protestors crowded Times Square yesterday to air their grievances against the nuclear deal the Obama administration struck with Iran this week. The historic deal aims to limit Iran's ability to produce nuclear weapons for the next 15 years or so, and Obama's been widely praised for taking a diplomatic approach rather than an invasive one. The deal has also been slammed by Republicans who claim it's not strong enough to prevent Iran from creating nuclear weapons in the future.

Yesterday's protestors lambasted Obama for making the deal, hoisting signs suggesting the deal will hurt Israel and promote terrorism—one protestor wore a shirt on which he'd hand-written, "Why does Psychobama flip the bird to the free world?" and another touted a sign reading, "Jewish Lives Matter." Protestors also called out Senator Chuck Schumer, a staunch supporter of Israel who's been quite quiet when it comes to the Iran deal, likely because it's so widely supported by a party he seeks to lead once Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid steps down.

Media estimates suggest about 10,000 people were on hand for the rally, though photographer Peter Voelker says it seemed a bit smaller than that. Former Governor George Pataki showed up to remind everyone he's running for president—other speakers include Representative Trent Franks, conservative political commenter Monica Crowley, and former Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau,.

Congress has 60 days to review the deal.