[UPDATE BELOW] Well, this is going to mess up some people's commutes. A tractor trailer has gotten into a serious pickle on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway just past the Brooklyn Bridge. As you can see, this one is going to take some time to clean up—so plan accordingly!

A tipster in DUMBO wrote in to report hearing a "thundering scraping sound" when the accident occurred, a little after 5 p.m. On the plus side? According to the FDNY nobody was hurt in the accident—confirmed by the fact our tipster says they saw the driver climb out of the vehicle.

What is it with trucks getting stuck under bridges?

Update 6:11 p.m.: A school bus carrying ten children from the Learn & Play Daycare Center in Mineola, Long Island was directly behind the truck, which was carrying granite tiles, when it crashed. Supervisor Maria Albanese tells us the bus was headed back to Long Island from the Coney Island aquarium when the truck got stuck under the bridge and flipped. "You can see the skid marks right there! Aren't these drivers supposed to know what the clearance is?" Albanese asked an FDNY firefighter at the scene. "Yes, ma'am, yes they are," he replied.

First responders at the scene confirmed there were no injuries, and transportation was being arranged for the children, who were the only ones left behind on a desolate stretch of BQE, which was cleared of eastbound traffic. As we left the highway at 6 p.m., two large tow trucks were arriving at the scene.

(With John Del Signore and Max Rosenbaum)