Tens of thousands of baseball fans streamed out of Citi Field after last night's Home Run Derby and headed for the 7 train, which is the only subway line servicing the Mets' stadium. But instead of an easy (albeit crowded) ride home, they found themselves cast into an apocalyptic urban commuter nightmare from hell. With the worst possible timing, some "overhead secondary wiring" unrelated to the subway caught fire under the elevated tracks around 103rd Street, just as the Derby wrapped up. Here's what caused the fiasco:

All trains were suspended between the 74th Street Station and the Flushing - Main Street Stations as the FDNY and Con Ed crews worked to resolve the issue. Thousands of people tried to escape via the LIRR, but the LIRR wasn't prepared for the sudden surge of humanity, and the platforms were completely overwhelmed. As for the subway, well... let's just say the Mets have a better chance winning the pennant than fans had getting home on the 7. Ever see Munch's "Scream"?

7 train service resumed shortly before midnight. A Con Ed spokesman apologized for the inconvenience. Mr. Met wept.