If it isn't tragedy enough that thousands of city schoolchildren are being forced to brave outdoor elements and U.S. History classes today no matter how many spoons they left under their pillows last night, it appears the Thundarsnortex has claimed an Important Victim: a pane of glass was cracked at the flagship Fifth Avenue Apple Store last night, and now a single 32-foot tall sheet has shattered into a million little pieces, just like the hopes and dreams of anyone with a crashed hard drive trying to get an appointment at the Genius Bar.

Though the robot voice manning the Apple Store's helpline refused to tell us what happened to the glass, reports suggest a snowblower accidentally knocked into the pane, transforming it from a solid sheet to a tech-savvy Chagall.

The pane is one of 15 that makes up the store's "iconic" entrance cube, and was installed in 2011 as part of a $6.6 million renovation. 9to5mac.com estimates the pane will cost $450K to replace. Clearly, this is the Universe's way of avenging the bloody fingertips tapping away on shattered iPhone screens worldwide.