It's Monday. Summer's over. The climate's still changing. All your hair is leaving your head and relocating to your lower back. TPS reports due. But on the bright side, you're not precariously hanging out of a tenth floor window to do a caulk job... unless in fact you are, in which case maybe focus on that instead of this blog? It's a long way down:

(Courtesy angelmay1978)

Tipster "angelmay1978" sent us photos this morning of a man she describes as a "Daredevil Caulker," observed in the building across the street from her. "He's on the 10th floor standing/squatting on the window sill caulking the outside of the window harness," our witness reports, noting the building in question is located at Madison Avenue and 49th Street. "I'm about to have a panic attack," she adds.

Yes, this definitely seems dangerous, but the caulker's courageous work this day will be remembered in that office for generations. Fortune favors the bold.

(Courtesy angelmay1978)