Not all of the snow landed on the ground and inside of the subway stations—these images show a massive snow formation that accumulated on a roof on Greene Street. Sean Sweeney of the SoHo Alliance spotted the accidental ice sculpture and told us, "this snow drift or glacier or igloo or whatever formed on the roof of a cast-iron building on Greene Street. Neighbors cordoned off the sidewalk yesterday and today FDNY arrived to shatter it to the ground before it killed someone. It certainly was heavy. I heard the thud inside my loft when it landed on the sidewalk." He points out that in the last photo you'll see pigeon-repelling spikes, which he believes "caught the snow initially and it just built up."

Now that the snow is getting cleaned off the street, keep an eye on what could fall on you from above—certainly this sun will be dislodging some icicles, at the very least.