It'd be easy to condemn this spandex'd-out cyclist, owning the road big time on his aluminum (or is it carbon?) Cannondale while he joy-rides down the FDR Parkway like "Suck it, greenway!"

But according to the tipster who snapped the photos this morning, the cyclist "looked spooked," which seems reasonable: The speed limit on the FDR is 40 mph, which in real life is more like 80, and commuters are often too busy shaving and catching up on back-seasons of American Horror Story to really keep an eye out for two-wheeled interlopers.

The accidental daredevil exited at the 59th Street Bridge, where he probably unlocked his toe clips, pulled his bike onto a median and quietly micturated into his moisture-wicking shorts. Here's another photo of him snuggling up between the concrete barrier and a 2,000 pound Honda:

(Bruno J. Navarro)

It must be fun, or else people wouldn't keep doing it.