The New Jersey deer with an arrow plunged straight through its muzzle is now on the road to recovery, the arrow having been safely removed from his face with only minor traces of infection.

The five-month-old buck, a regular visitor to Susan Darrah's yard despite its injury, was first seen tromping around her Rockaway Township property earlier this month. Attempts to capture the deer, apparently the victim of a hunting mishap, were foiled by the elusive creature, who managed to disappear back into the woods before authorities could get to him.

That changed on Saturday, when the deer again returned to Darrah's property—this time, into the waiting arms of agents with Department of Environmental Protection. The buck—nicknamed Steve Martin because, this— was successfully tranquilized, and the offending arrow was removed. The deer was given a shot of antibiotics, and is expected to be just fine—at least physically. As if the deer hadn't undergone enough humiliation, DEP workers also painted his tail purple so that Darrah can recognize him when he returns. Let's hope Steve Martin shares his namesake's sense of humor about this whole thing.