Mayor de Blasio celebrated Friday's historic SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage by staging a pop-up marriage ceremony on the steps of City Hall and inviting joyous New Yorkers to participate. That included two weddings and one re-commitment ceremony featuring his former college roommate. “What so many of us have believed in for so long...has now been affirmed as the law of this nation," de Blasio said to kick off the party.

Several hundred people, plus members of the Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps., showed up to attend the ceremony yesterday afternoon, according to the News. The first couple to get hitched was Denise Niewinski, a deputy director at the Administration for Children’s Services, and Cindy Jackson, a science teacher at Grace Church High School. They have been together since 1999.

Next was Sarah Joseph, a foster care social worker, and Katrina Council, a history teacher at Manhattan Comprehensive Night and Day High School. They had their first date at the Stonewall Inn, and had been planning a more traditional wedding before jumping at the opportunity to be wed by the mayor. "It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing," Council told the Post.

Last up were playwright Terrence McNally and his husband Thomas Kirdahy, a public advocate for low-income citizens. Kirdahy, who is also a Broadway producer, was de Blasio's roommate at New York University. They were married in 2010 in D.C., and renewed their vows with de Blasio. "I honor you for having gone on to fight for the civil rights and human rights of so many people," de Blasio said.

Former city council speaker Christine Quinn wrote an essay for the Observer about the importance of the day for her:

You see this is what marriage means. It means events and moments when families are together to share and celebrate and create memories they will have long after the moment has ended and long after the people in their lives are gone. The haters of the world don’t see that—they miss the humanity in all of this. Love evades them. I feel sorry for them.

For too long, some of us were denied such memories. Denied those wonderful moments when we are recognized as full members of a national community of love.

Stephen Colbert also celebrated by inviting ambulatory dissenting opinion and human bulldog Antonin Scalia on his show in the fall: