Most cyclists know that the Brooklyn Bridge, while tempting for its incomparable beauty and historical significance, is a lost cause when it comes to an efficient commute. But as these photos demonstrate, some quixotic bikers still brave it, despite the crowds of distracted pedestrians who continually wander into the side of the path that is supposed to be reserved for cyclists. Photographer and writer Vincent Mounier recently marveled at the delicate pas de deux, which has a tendency to result in arguments and injuries.

"For some cosmic reason, it would seem that the magnificent old structure somehow deepens a tourist’s dismay to the point of apparent brain damage," writes Mounier. "Of course, the scene is further complicated by the presence of a few cyclists - another species with behavioral issues, but theirs are more geared towards arrogance and recklessness. One thing is for sure, tourists and cyclists do not a happy crowd make." And you don't even want to know what happens on that bridge when the tourists are the cyclists. (Hint: Ever seen Cloverfield?)