Before the city blows the Kosciuszko Bridge straight to hell, they have to open the new one. Well, we're part of the way there today, as half of the new bridge was officially opened by Governor Cuomo and a host of dignitaries, before it opens to traffic tonight at 11:30 p.m. Check out a time lapse of the construction of the new bridge:

This bridge opening was also an opportunity for Andrew Cuomo to hop in FDR's old 1932 Packard Phaeton, which he took out of the New York State Museum earlier this year so he could drive it around at official state events (despite the fact that it only gets about eight miles per gallon). The governor looked...uh...well come on he looked like he was cosplaying as an old timey bank robber, it was ridiculous.

Also for a guy obsessed with optics, these are kinda bad optics, as pointed out by former Gothamist dot com editor handsome Chris Robbins, Politico's Jimmy Vielkind, and the NY Post.

Also, check this out: Cuom Your Enthusiasm.

Anyway, the bridge opens with a light show tonight, courtesy of the fun but kinda pointless Harbor of Lights project. Don't miss it! Or do, it's your life.