After warning LIRR customers about debit and credit card skimming devices found on LIRR ticket vending machines, a skimmer has been found on a MetroCard Vending Machine at Columbus Circle.

According to the agency, a customer noticed the device last night at the north end of the southbound 1 platform around 9:30 p.m. The customer (and Good Samaritan!) brought it to a station agent. And there was a camera—disguised as an electrical outlet—attached to a beam. The MTA says:

New York City Transit urges customers who have purchased a MetroCard at that location using a credit or debit card to immediately check with their bank or credit card company to determine if their accounts show any signs of unauthorized activity.

“We have already dispatched personnel to check all MVMs system-wide today for other devices,” said MTA New York City Transit President Carmen Bianco. “As was the case yesterday, we continue to ask our customers ‘If You See Something, Say Something,’ particularly if they notice any suspicious activity or device in our system.”

MTA New York City Transit will also develop a public information campaign to remind customers to be on guard when purchasing MetroCards at MVMs. The best way to avoid fraudulent activity is to sign up for the EasyPay MetroCard. The EasyPay MetroCard is linked to your credit or debit card, and refills automatically as you use it. EasyPay customers never have to make a purchase at a MVM and have the added convenience of using automated telephone service or to track their account 24/7.

The NYPD is investigating this incident.