The coyote who was spotted snoozing outside a Queens home on Monday—and managed to escape the police—was captured last night. The 104th Precinct Tweeted, "He might have gotten away once but not today."

The coyote was spotted in front of 6222 Elliot Avenue on Monday, but ran off when officers approached it. The home owner said she called 911, "A lady said, 'Is this an emergency?' I said I think so —there’s a coyote under my bedroom window!"

Today, the animal was found at 77th Place and Caldwell Avenue and caught by NYPD ESU Detectives Mike Langlois and Mike Parides. One report said they used Ketamine to tranquilize the coyote.

Rosa Sieb also told the Post that she didn't watch the police use the tranquilizer dart, "I didn’t watch that part. He was running back and forth in my yard and he was scared. I felt so sorry for the poor thing."

It's unclear where the coyote was taken, but after capture police typically turn them over to Animal Care and Control. This is also the second NYC coyote in a week (one was caught in Battery Park) that the police have apprehended—others are out there, though!