While it isn't quite as momentous as the most important subway transfer of our time or as sexy as new advertising holes to fill, the MTA did have some good news for downtown workers this morning. No, they aren't lowering the cost of a ride. But the Dey Street entrance to the Fulton Street station did finally open bright and early at 6 a.m. Well, parts anyway—a $200 million portion of it won't be opening for another year-and-a-half, but this is the MTA we're talking about.

Behold! "A glass and steel structure with a glass canopy opening onto Broadway!" ASCEND! The new stairway that lives beneath it! RIDE! The new elevator where two of the three buttons are usable by the public for the time being! Use! Many subway lines in one station! TALK! To the new "Help Point Intercom" which is "offering customers immediate access to assistance and information with the touch of a button." CLICK! On our panorama of the subterranean glory that awaits you:


Seriously though, the whole thing looks pretty good and it is nice when the MTA finishes up a project. We're just a little miffed that the $200 million concourse connecting the R train at Cortlandt to the Dey Street entrance won't be opening until the whole Fulton Center project is finished—despite the fact that it is all but complete. According to the MTA Fulton Center is "now 80 percent complete, is on schedule to fully open in June 2014." 20 percent to go!

With Justin Rivera