The damage at Central Park is currently being tallied in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, and the number of fallen "mature trees" alone is hovering around 250 at press time. The Central Park Conservancy—who prepared for flooding with placement of sandbags in low-lying areas—also tells us that infrastructure, like fencing and benches, has been damaged throughout the park. Click through for a glimpse at the devastation being documented. We're told:

"Many of the trees destroyed in the storm were more than a century old. The number of destroyed trees is expected to climb dramatically as inspections continue throughout the Park. Trees destroyed include an 8,700-pound swamp white oak along the Mall; a majestic willow tree at Lasker Rink; and two linden trees on the Great Lawn. Maples and oaks throughout the Park were destroyed, made particularly vulnerable to the storm because they still bore many of their leaves."

Repairs will be made once it's safe, and at that point staff will "first target areas of the Park visitors are most likely to return to in high numbers, including entrances, paths and popular sites"... like where the Marathon is set to take place on Sunday.