For three hours last night, 40 light cannons projected images of endangered animals upon the Empire State Building in an effort to inspire admiration for nature's beauty and spur action to protect it from mankind.

The project, called Projecting Change, was conceived by Louie Psihoyos, the director of The Cove, who is releasing a film this fall called Racing Extinction.

According to the Times, the installation, brought to life by Travis Threlkel's design firm Obscura Digital, cost around $1 million to produce.

Setting aside a potential debate about whether functionally extinct animals are worthy of this kind of campaign, the projections were undeniably cool. From a roof in the Lower East Side, the moving animals and insects were somewhat blurry but wholly visible. A friend suggested that while the animals graced the Empire State Building, the mugshots of famous poachers and corporations with poor environmental records should be projected onto 1 WTC.