Earlier this week, the mayor of Norwich, Connecticut was campaigning when he discovered a cat with a 15-inch arrow shot through its body. Mayor Peter Nystrom said, "I was angry. I wanted to hit someone."

The cat, a one-and-a-half year-old named Elliot, was taken to All Friends Animal Hospital where the staff tended to the poor kitty. According to the Norwich Bulletin, "Veterinarian Kathleen Tangari, who performed the surgery on Elliot, said the arrow likely had been stuck in him for about two days. 'But the tissue surrounding it started to harden and sealed off the blood vessels,' she said. That necrosis, coupled with sub-30 degree temperatures, likely prevented Elliot from bleeding to death, Tangari said."

The arrow just missed Elliot's jugular, lungs and heart, leading authorities to believe the cat was used for target practice. The veterinary staffed cut the arrow and then unscrewed it out. All Friends Animal Hospital tells us Elliot is doing great and he'll be in later today for a checkup.

The Norwich Bulletin reports that that vet clinic used its "angel fund" of private donor money to fund the surgery, because the cat's elderly and disabled owner couldn't pay for the bills. If you want to donate money to All Friends Animal Hospital, for Elliot's surgery costs as well as other animals' issues, you can call them at 860-886-0125 to make a donation by credit card or send a check (made out to "All Friends Animal Hospital") to All Friends Animal Hospital, 420 New London Tnpk, Norwich, CT 06360.