Earlier this morning around 6:30 a.m., a car collided through a guardrail at the northern end of Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, nearly ending up in Newtown Creek. Yvette Hellin, who lives nearby, was inside her house and heard a loud crash, but thought the noise was coming from inside her building. But when she went to walk her dog a few minutes later, she realized it was actually a crazy crash—the car was essentially overturned and partially through the guardrail, over the embankment.

Hellin says that the "driver was walking around dazed and other people said his girlfriend was inside the ambulance with head injuries." She noted that many people take walks because there's a green space at the northern end of Manhattan Avenue, "I could easily have been hit by that vehicle had I left studio slightly earlier to walk dog." In fact, Google Maps Street VIew shows a person walking a dog right there.

Hellin added that lately she's seen "remnants of several other wrecks and also witnessed some very erratic driving on the BQE at 5 :10 am. Please drive safely people!!"

The FDNY said that situation was still ongoing (we'll check in later) while the NYPD's press office didn't have information because it was a "non-fatal" collision.