Earlier this morning a 22-year-old driver in a Hyundai Elantra crashed into a home on Arthur Kill Road in Staten Island—trapping the homeowner and her five-year-old daughter underneath. The Staten Island Advance reports that "both the mother and little girl are currently in stable condition at Staten Island University Hospital," according to police.

The house is located at 5309 Arthur Kill Road, right where Lee Avenue begins. Half of the car is lodged inside the house, mainly in the kitchen. The mother and child were sleeping in the bedroom, which is next to the kitchen, at the time. A neighbor said, "I just heard a loud bang, like a gun shot, and saw that the car crashed into the house. The mother was screaming for her baby."

The driver is suspected of DWI. The Advance also reports, "The vehicle crashed just to the right of the front door, opening a wide gap with a clear view into the kitchen. Boxes of cereal lining the top of the refrigerator, some kitchen cabinets and a stove were all visible from the street."