The MTA isn't exactly known for finishing projects on schedule—remember when the Smith-9th St Station was more than a myth?—but they've certainly done a speedy job with the Knickerbocker Ave M Station renovation. The Bushwick station closed in August for a major overhaul, and it reopened right on time Friday morning.

The station's nearly six-month renovation included a reconstructed control house, a redone station agent booth, new street and platform stairs and new drainage systems. And there's more in store for the M line: the Central M station will close for five months starting March 13th, followed by partial closures on the Seneca, Forest M and Fresh Pond Road stations.

These stations have been crumbling for years, and locals complain that the MTA could have prevented shutting them down for long periods of time had they addressed issues like leakage earlier. The Central Station, for instance, is prone to severe flooding after a rain or snowstorm, leaving behind deep puddles in the station and on staircases that can last for weeks. "It should never have gotten to the point," a Knickerbocker Ave rider told NY1 in August. "You have people who depend on this station."