Western New York can't catch a break: the region has been pummeled by lake-effect snow all week, resulting in over 70 inches of snow blanketing the area and at least 13 deaths. It's so bad, the Jets/Buffalo Bills football game on Sunday has been rescheduled for Monday...in Detroit. The minute Detroit becomes the preferred weather-friendly destination, you know shit is real.

And even though the snow should be coming to an end today, the region is now facing a new serious problem: flooding. Already, two elderly residents of a nursing home died after being evacuated due to a collapsing roof. There have been at least 30 "major" building collapses in the last 24 hours. Officials fear that with temperatures rising above freezing over the weekend—and perhaps reaching as high as 60 by Monday—the rapidly melting mounds of snow will turn into rivers and produce many more collapsed roofs.

And that doesn't even taken into account the thousands of people who are still trapped in their homes and hundreds who are trapped in vehicles on highways around the area, including at least one member of Interpol's entourage. “This is western New York; we’re used to it," Jack Fasanella, a lifelong Buffalonian, told the Times. "But this is the worst I’ve ever seen. Even worse than the blizzard of ’77."

Below, you can see a video of the snowpocalypse as seen from a drone.