The lake effect snow that has been pummeling upstate New York this week will continue its assault upon the area for a few days more. The region has now been hit with more than 70 inches of snow; two more people have died, bringing the total to eight deaths since the storm hit; power is out in thousands of homes and roofs have started collapsing; Interpol and hundreds more are still stuck on the highway; and according to the Times, "the streets [look] like a stage set for a dystopian movie, where snow has claimed dominion over mankind."

"It's really a catastrophic situation in many ways," Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who visited the region on Wednesday, told CNN. "Buffalo is no stranger to snow and they can handle snow, but this is probably going to break all records for snow fall in Buffalo, which is saying something. And seven feet of snow is virtually unmanageable. The plows can't even move seven feet of snow." He noted that hundreds of national guard workers, 160 snow plows, 15 front loaders, and eight roadside snow blowers have been deployed to the area.

"It will get worse before it gets better," Cuomo warned at a news conference. “Mother Nature is showing us who is boss once again. I believe when all is said and done, this snowfall may break all sorts of records.”

Erie County officials say the second leg of the storm will hit all day Thursday. A Lake Effect Snow Warning is in effect for the area from Wednesday until Friday; officials expect anywhere from 2 to 6 inches of more snow to come down in various counties.

You can see a crazy timelapse of the Lake Effect Snow, showing a wall of snow descending upon Buffalo, below.