The underside of the Brooklyn Bridge was struck by a crane being pushed by a tugboat around 8 p.m. So far, it looks like the crane hit temporary scaffolding beneath the bridge—the damage appears to be in the middle of deck halfway across river.

Jake Dobkin is on the scene, "Hearing FDNY saying it just ripped sheet metal from construction and didn't hit bridge proper. Barges are still passing under bridge, FDNY is trying to reroute them or figure out if they can be rerouted... About 20 FDNY at Fulton Landing, radio saying there's nothing for FDNY to do up on deck."

It's believe the boat was headed to the Verrazano Bridge. Jake adds, "Lots of construction guys looking peeved." Also, there are three city boats in harbor: "Lots of FDNY joking boats can't drive."

NotifyNYC just said, "Due to an earlier incident the Manhattan-Bound Brooklyn Bridge is closed. Motorists should use the Manhattan or Williamsburg Bridges as an alternative. Expect heavy traffic delays."

Update 8:50 p.m.: The FDNY confirmed there was no structural damage, but they are keeping one unit on the bridge awaiting DOT engineers for inspection. About 20 feet of scaffolding was struck.

Update 10 p.m.: U.S. Coast Guard tells us there will be an investigation. The tugboat was taken to Port of Newark. The Coast Guard has no further information at this time.