Mayor Bloomberg didn't jump into a pool when NYC public pools were opened this summer, but he did get all wet when he jumped into the Indian River after competing in the Adirondack Challenge rafting against Governor Cuomo yesterday. (Bloomberg's security detail was "thrilled.") It was probably a way for him to cool his temper—Bloomberg's team placed second to Cuomo's team, losing by just 18 seconds!

Cuomo explained his edge, "We had special intelligence on the mayor’s preparation for today. I don’t want you to think they just came up today and that’s all, they got in the raft. Weeks and weeks of training. Weeks and weeks of practice. They almost closed down the entire city administration. It’s true. Nothing happened in the city except rafting practice for this."

The Adirondack Challenge featured Cuomo whitewater rafting yesterday and Sunday to help promote tourism in the region. He also announced a new ad campaign for the Adirondacks.