So far none of Donald Trump's cabinet and staff appointees have been anything but comforting, from potential Attorney General Jeff "Too Racist to be a Federal Judge" Sessions to Michael "War on All of Islam" Flynn heading the NSA. Yesterday, though, it was Steve Bannon's time to shine, as a couple hundred people marched from Washington Square Park to Trump Tower to express their disgust with the ugly views of the man slated to be the President-elect's chief strategist.

The demonstration built up slowly in Washington Square, and the crowd was considerably smaller than those that flooded the streets last weekend., Still, the dozens of diverse protestors were vocal, energetic, and committed to take action against the President-elect and his minions.

The march stuck to the sidewalk the entire way uptown, and the only time the low-key NYPD escort took any action was when a pro-Trump passerby tried to pick a fight with the protestors.

After a couple of hours of chanting and speeches in the park the protestors marched up Sixth Avenue to the Richard Rogers Theatre in Times Square, where VP-elect Mike Pence was booed by the audience Friday night while seeing Hamilton. There were rumors that a pro-Pence protest was going on in front of the theatre, but when the anti-Bannon marchers arrived there was no such spectacle. And so, after saluting the cast and yelling "Pence is a creep, not my Veep" for a bit, they moved on to Trump Tower.