With a vengeful god having forsaken us, the forces of Bane and the League Of Ice Floes have succeeded in their plans to freeze the rivers around NYC to punish us for our decadence or whatever And it's only a matter of time before he starts forcing people to walk on the East River.

But at least we can take comfort in knowing that when our time comes, NYC will be able to stare our executioner in the face and proudly ask, "How my hair look?" Because damn, everything looks good in these photos.

The golden end of a very cold day. #williamsburg #ice #sunset #NYC #nbc4ny

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The East River is already a lost cause. The Sturgeon Bay has made its last voyage. In the future, the Elders will be numbered and distinguished based only on the amount of frozen tears clinging to their faces.

Think you'll find comfort by heading underground? You really think Bane hasn't planned for such things? Just don't think too hard about what other...substances...might be freezing in the tunnels.

Icicles in the subway station... Probably not made of water... #nyc #subway #ice #cold #winter

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Yesterday was the coldest day of the year (and the coldest Feb. 20th on record), with temperatures hitting about 2 in Central Park (plus wind chill, which made it, like, -500? I think that's how that works). Bane has decided to reward us for our capitulation to his rule by turning down the volume of his weather-manipulating device: temps should hit in the 30s today and 40s tomorrow. Not before we get a few inches of snow, sleet and rain tonight, of course.

So be careful out there folks. Even if you don't get taken out by one of Bane's goons, you could still trip on the sidewalk on live TV.