Over 500 weapons were turned in during yesterday's "not-another-gun buyback" in Queens. "I had to get rid of it," 55-year-old Catherine Cruz told the Post, referring to her pistol that she received from her brother after she was robbed. Cruz turned the gun in yesterday for a $200 bank card. "My granddaughter is 5, and she's living with me." A police statement noted that the more unusual guns included an AK-47, a Tec-9, and a Calico 9mm with a 50-round magazine.

The buyback also saw 245 revolvers, 168 semi-automatic pistols, 5 sawed-off shotguns, 2 assault weapons, 35 rifles, 26 shotguns, and 28 other miscellaneous weapons (zip guns, BB guns, etc.) Over 8,200 weapons have been recovered since the program began.