He's stuck! (NJ Department of Environmental Protection)

An adorable bear cub from New Jersey who presumably sensed you couldn't read one more goddamn thing about the Hobby Lobby decision without losing it went ahead and got his head stuck in a cookie jar.

According to the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, the 6-month-old black bear cub lodged his cute little face in a jar of animal crackers he found in a Ringwood trash can on Friday night. When a meanie human approached him, he got scared and climbed into a tree—and then he got stuck in the tree. This bear was not having a great day.

(NJ Department of Environmental Protection)

Luckily, DEP staffers were able to tranquilize Baby Pooh Bear, getting him down from the tree and ultimately releasing him from his cookie jar prison. They also submerged him in water to cool him down!!!

Officials say he's being treated in an animal rehabilitation center, and will hopefully be set free in the wild in four-to 6 weeks. Whoever shoots this bear will smash my heart into itty-bitty pieces.