Thirty people became U.S. citizens on Tuesday afternoon at a naturalization ceremony held on the 102nd floor of One World Trade Center.

Featuring a keynote speech from former U.S. attorney Preet Bharara (who is a naturalized citizen himself), the 11 a.m. ceremony was the first to be held inside the Manhattan skyscraper. “How fortunate we are to have you here, contributing your hopes, your aspirations, your skills, your heritages, your music, your culture, your literature, your food to the tapestry of this nation,” presiding judge Robert Katzmann told the soon-to-be citizens, according to the Times. “The American story is your story.”

19 nations were represented by the group of new Americans, including Sudan, Brazil, Argentina, and Bangladesh, the paper noted. “We are bound together in ways that longstanding Americans don’t always appreciate,” Bharara said in his speech.

Hani Ali, an accountant from Sudan, told the Times he was upset by President Donald Trump's anti-immigration measures, but said that Trump's positions didn't represent what his new country meant to him.

“After all, it’s not what the president thinks or says — America is bigger than that, greater than that.”