Nine people were arrested and 25 kilos of heroin worth $12 million was seized in two unrelated narcotics investigations in the Bronx and Queens. The larger of the two busts went down on Long Island, where agents with the New York Drug Enforcement Task Force [DETF] found approximately 15 kilos (33 pounds) of heroin from a tractor trailer and ultimately seized more than $300,000 cash.

Dorian Cabrera, the owner of Good Guys Transport Corp., based in Rosedale, Queens, and Jeen Blake, a truck driver, were arrested and charged with conspiring to transport heroin and criminal possession of a controlled substance. Prosecutors say Blake had driven the heroin from southern California concealed in a "trap," or hidden compartment, on the back wall of the truck’s cab. He met up with Cabrera in Hauppauge, Long Island, where Cabrera was waiting with a duffel bag filled with $10,000 cash.

Good Guys all right (Special Narcotics Prosecutor)

Both suspects were arrested at the end of August, but officials announced that they would be arraigned today. According to investigators, the heroin was bound for distribution in New York City, where "a single user-ready glassine envelop sells for between $5 and $10, and in Long Island, where a single bag fetches up to $20."

$190,000 cash was seized from Cabrera's home, as well as some high-end jewelry. An additional $107,000 was also seized from a Chase bank safety deposit box in Valley Stream, Long Island, which was maintained by Cabrera's wife.

Meanwhile, on September 25th, DEFT investigators busted David Sanchez and Jose Dejesus after a "short term investigation" led them to suspect the men were distributing heroin. After observing Dejesus putting a heavy laundry bag in the trunk of a car driven by Sanchez, investigators pulled them over in the Bronx. Sanchez allegedly gave them permission to search the trunk and found "multiple brick-shaped packages wrapped in paper, each containing numerous individual glassine envelopes." Seven kilos of heroin were seized in total.

After obtaining a search warrant for 1049 Boynton Avenue, Apartment 3B, investigators say they found a "heroin mill" that was operated by Dejesus. About three kilos of heroin were found on the premises, and according to investigators:

Much of the heroin was packaged in a similar fashion to the heroin found in the car. Glassines of heroin were stamped with various brand names, including “Prada”, “Audi”, “Pinky Dinky” and “Sin City.” Agents and officers also seized three plastic bags of loose heroin, thousands of empty glassine envelopes and other equipment, such as respiratory masks and coffee grinders, which are used to process the heroin.

Five alleged "mill workers" were detained at the premises.

New York DETF is comprised of agents and officers with the DEA New York Division, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and the New York State Police.

In announcing the busts, Acting Special Agent in Charge James J. Hunt said, "NYC is the ultimate target for heroin traffickers; it has everything they want -access to thruways along the Northeast, easily concealed stash houses and hidden heroin mills, established transportation routes for distribution and an opioid dependent consumer population. But law enforcement is fighting back by pooling our resources to intercept their product and destroy their profit."

Yup, we've finally turned the corner in the War on Drugs.