2005_06_heads.jpgA man is suing photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia for taking his picture without his permission in 2001. diCorcia was working on a project, "Heads," where he took pictures of people walking in Times Square unbeknownst to them, rigging lights and focusing his lens on a spot 20 feet away him. According to the Post, who spoke to diCorcia, Erno Nussenzweig is upset that diCorcia is benefiting from his photograph (which Nussenzweig's lawyer admits is "beautiful") because it's been sold as a print and as a part of the book. diCorcia worries about artists' ability to photograph in the city and says to the Post, "It is a fundamental right, and I will defend it. I consider myself at the end of a long line of photographers who have done what is now being described as a malicious criminal act."

See photographs and read descriptions of the work at Galerie Almine Rech and Albright Knox. Nussenzweig is suing not only diCorcia but the Pace Wildenstein gallery, book publisher Pace/MacGill and anyone else who might have sold the prints or book.

Image from the cover of diCorcia's book, Philip-Lorca diCorcia: Heads