Photobloggers are Gothamist's eyes on the street- so for the next four days, we're going to feature a wrapup of all the RNC photoblog posts we can find. If you want to send us a link, leave it in the comments or email Jake. Today's amazing photography from the march: Joe Holmes, Citying, more Citying, Erin's pix at fshk, and Buzznet's NoRNC. Good shots of the dragon burning at IndyMedia. And since we didn't do a roundup on Day Minus 1, check out the pictures from yesterday from Rion, MeccaPixel, Callalillie, and Youngna. Oooh- we almost missed some nice shots by KDunk, NYCAC, and Red. Dozens of shots from Angryfinger. Last update for Day 0 @ 12:19am EST: Meccapixel from Sunday's rally, WhatISee (a number of posts), GL331, more Buzznet, Estren, great pix from Matt Law, and some Flickr coverage! Ok, we lied. Just a few more: Jason Kottke hits the streets, and Rion continues her great work. And Jesse Chan Norris sent in this great late edition.