inside the rnc, by eliot shepard

This is more than awesome: it took only two days for the photobloggers to go from the ramparts to the very heart of the RNC. First, our friend Mike from Satan's Laundromat, who as recently as Saturday morning was enjoying the hospitality of the NYPD down at the Tombs, put up this amazing set from inside MSG. No word yet on how Mike slipped inside. And Mike was not alone! Eliot Shepard also got inside, and put up a superb series of images on Slower. If you have pictures from yesterday that we didn't hit in our last post (especially from the Still We Rise protest), or take any at today's A31 Protests, send us a link or put it in the comments. More to Come!
- A new photoblog Gothamist discovered today: Darkshapesprowl. With some good pictures from the last couple of days.
- More of Eliot's pictures on Gawker... really great stuff.
- Callalillie continues her great photoblogging this week with an entry from Still We Rise
- Cheesedip proves girls are better mobloggers with some great shots from Sunday
- BrokenType writes in with good RNC Balloon coverage shots
- Finally some of the inside RNC bloggers are giving us what we want: pictures of the Bush twins' asses.
- NoRNC has some good on-the-go stuff from the Stop the Detentions protest down at the Tombs
- Eliot and Red have also posted some good stuff on their Fotologs!
- Our man Aaron is also inside and shooting some pictures
- I'm not sure if we did these JCN pictures already, but they are worth another look
- And some great pix from way back on A27 by Alexis Robie
- Dominic captured the Billionaires for Bush in full shoe-shine mode