They might be tired, but that didn't stop any of the photobloggers from getting out on the streets and shooting the amazing stuff that went on yesterday, including the Unemployment Line, the Axis of Eve Operation EXPOSE and DEPOSE (A/K/A mass panty flash), and the NOW protest up in Central Park. If you've got any pictures from those events, or from the Media March, the Guantanamo-on-the-Hudson action, inside the RNC, or anything else convention related, send them in or post a link in the comments. And check back on this post a few times during the day- we'll be updating it as new stuff comes in. A few to get us started:
- Bluejake was there at 8:15am sharp for the Unemployment Line- a great protest and quite a spectacle
- Gotham Pixel was there for the Axis-of-Eve panty flash
- Ianqui wrote in with pictures from the NOW protest in Central Park
- Pretty good open directory of AoE shots
- Brooklyn Vegan was also there for the AoE Panty Protest
- ScaryNY captures the action at the March on the Media
- Various S1 pictures from around town, including the Eyes Wide Open shoe thing at Union Square
- Nice pictures from MarmiteonToast of Union Square on S1 and various RNC pictures from the last five days
- More amazing coverage from Keith at Unrelatednews- this time of the Media Protest and more
- Youngna was also at Union Square (scroll down)
- WhatISee was walking around in Midtown
- Satan's Laundromat gets up his Sunday pictures from Central Park
- Keith also put up some pictures on Overshadowed from the Media March
- MTude has some nice A31 chaos, including great arrest coverage
- Red has been up by Union Square, and is posting his stuff on Fotolog
- Bluejake has some more panty protest photos- and a strange sense of panty ennui