Photoblogger Anarchy!

We're kicking off our RNC photoblogger coverage early today, because we're sure there are tons of A31 pictures ready to come in. If you have shots from any of the action down by the WTC, up by Union Square, at the Library, or in Herald Square, be sure to send us an email or post your URL in the comments! Check this post a few times tomorrow, because we'll be updating it as the links come in. A few to start the ball rolling:
- Some characteristically great shots from Keith at Overshadowed, mostly taken around Herald Square, and some more good NYPD coverage... and some more great A31 stuff at Overshadowed.
- Gothamist finally gets up in the action with these A31 shots at Bluejake
- Indymedia, what would we do without you? Great Billionaires for Bush shots from Sunday, and more BFB shots from A31. Also some good arrest coverage from down at Union Square.
- Eliot is still posting amazing shots from inside the RNC on Slower- go back and see what he's put up since yesterday
- Mike is a machine! Arrested, thrown in the slammer for two days, back in time to shoot from inside the RNC, and now on the streets covering A31!!! Bravo!
- Our beloved Rion and Mike are also out there, delivering day after day of RNC coverage. Today's Rion post has the chaos around Herald Square. Mike has Herald Square and the Library covered
- Red is posting his A31 Sunday stuff on 0x99 at Fotolog.
- WhatISee with some of the scene around the Fox News Protest
- Youngna has lots of cool A31 coverage (scroll down)- including Union Square, BFB stuff, and some of the night protests
- Jesse posted his A28 pix from the March for Women's Lives- hot stuff
- Jay Smooth covered the Fox News Shut-up-athon and got some fun shots of people telling Fox News off
- Alexis has updated his page with A31 pix from Herald Square
- Many people have written in, identifying with pictures of this non-standard HTML sign
- Callalillie stationed herself on 16th Street and captured the near-riot that ensued. Bonus points for talking her way out of an arrest!
- More BFB action at Grand Central from Minicrivera
- Some good arrest shots from La Vida de Mi
- The Village Voice has a good aerial shot looking down on to Union Square East