Of all the things one might possibly find on the train tracks—twerkers, kittens, strollers—we would never expect sheep to be there. But one little guy who was on the lamb, and possibly three sheep to the wind, did just that today.

The sheep above was spotted on the Metro North Hudson Line tracks north of Philipse Manor station at about 11:10 a.m. Wednesday. "Maintainers were able to safely shoo it back to a nearby gate from where it escaped," an MTA spokesman told us. "They then closed the gate. Service was not impacted, but we had trains operating at restricted speed on all tracks through the area until there was word the sheep had been cleared at 11:31 a.m."

The MTA spokesman added that they have an idea where the sheep came from: "There was a Sheep and Wool Festival going on nearby this past weekend so it's possible he/she escaped from there." Sheep and Wool Festival, aye? Why does that sound so familiar...

Wooly bully

While it's pretty, pretty rare for sheep to end up on our train lines, this was hardly the first sheep to find itself hypnotized by the call of the tracks:

Un ramat de cabres a l'estació dels #FGC de #Terrassa. via @marplanas

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Maybe they were high.