It's been a busy and eventful week since CitiBike was officially unveiled on Monday—there were thousands of trips logged, semi-nude protests, thefts, Weiner-sightings, and the first serious injury. We've also heard from a lot of CitiBike haters who are convinced CitiBike destroyed their neighborhood and kicked off a subtropical scorpion uprising. Those people wouldn't even try riding a CitiBike unless it could fly them to the moon—except...maybe it can!

That's based on the above photo, which was posted on Reddit last night—it seems CitiBikes are ending up in all sorts of interesting, odd places. Did Weiner sprinkle a little pegasus dust on this one? We've contacted the uploader to find out whether this is a hoax or someone really got belligerent last night. Just a reminder: if your CitiBike is stolen or gone for more than 24 hours, it'll cost you $1000.