This is Mary Lee! (via OCEARCH)

As we type this, a great white shark has just been spotted up off the shores of Montauk. The shark, named Mary Lee, was tagged by OCEARCH last September when it was in Cape Cod. Since that time the 16-footer has made its way down to St. Augustine, Florida, and earlier this month started her journey to Long Island.

The shark, weighing in at 3,456-pounds, was about 40 nautical miles off of Montauk Point this afternoon, and was recently just off of the South Fork shoreline. You can keep track here!

While there are 34 other sharks tagged by OCEARCH out there, they aren't as present as Mary Lee, who is "super coastal" and therefore sending out more pings, as opposed to the others whose tracking devices don't go off as much due to their deep ocean locations. Founder Chris Fischer says, "Until now, many researchers have never gotten up close to a great white. And Mary Lee is the first shark in history we are able to track like this." His goal is to learn more about the Atlantic great white.

There are plenty of sharks in Montauk, of course, but ever since Steven Spielberg made it so, there's always been a fascination with these particular Jaws-like creatures. However, according to East Hampton Patch, no one should panic—"Petty Officer Patrick Rogers at Coast Guard Station Shinnecock said there is no cause for alarm, as the shark is heading away from the coast." Rogers added that this is the first time he's come across a great white in the waters. [via Curbed]