The Barclays Center is getting ever closer. Not only is Babs is going to play the joint but so is Jay-Z and Leonard Cohen. The Nets are really coming this fall. Oh, and, as they promised in 2009, the MTA has started renaming the Atlantic Avenue station after the arena. Well, after its sponsor.

Yup, the Post notes that Barclays $4 million/20 year deal to rename the station "Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center" has started to kick in—at least on online maps. But it actually goes further than the Post mentions. Today a Brownstoner reader sent the blog a photo from inside the station that shows actual new signage is already up! Apparently one of them is uncovered, but in the age of cameraphones one is all you need!

The renaming deal should bring the cash-strapped MTA $200,000 a year, so as much as we don't exactly love seeing a corporate name plastered on our subway stations, it is hard for us to complain too much about this one. But you should feel free to in the comments!