It's cute when Train sings about the fog rolling in, but it's not so cute when it happens on an airplane. Reddit user Fliccolo says she was flying out of JFK on Delta Airlines this week when her cabin filled with smokey fog: "It was starting when we were on the ground then it stayed well on until nearly cruising level. It was at the top of my chest sitting down. I'm of average height so... It was freaky."

She says she was later told that there was nothing unnatural, or supernatural, going on: "It's the ac pumping out fog from going thru a bunch of rather violent storms so hot air/ cold air combo of instant interior clouds. I ordered a stiff Don Draper Drink." People were obviously a bit freaked out, but she said the captain more than made up for it: "My plane of people minded quite a bit. Then also the turbulence and the captain was like fuck it free booze for you poor bastards!" (Delta normally charges up to $7 for drinks.)

This once again proves that it's probably not a great thing when your flight starts to resemble a heavy metal concert and/or a bondage-themed Halloween party.