The NYPD says officers found a startling cache of guns, ammunition, swords, Codeine and some marijuana at a Brooklyn home yesterday morning.

According to the police, 62 Precinct Field Intelligence Sergeant Jeremy Berson "developed" enough information for the 62 Precinct Special Operations Unit to obtain a search warrant for 175 Dahill Road in Brooklyn. When Berson and other officers executed the warrant, they found:

9 MM Highpoint Rifle-Defaced
380 Cal loaded Bryco semi-automatic handgun
357 Cal Taurus Revolver
38 Cal INA Brazilian Revolver
50 rounds of 45 cal ammunition
50 rounds of 9MM ammunition
67 rounds of 347 cal ammunition
50 rounds of 38 cal ammunition
17 rounds of 380 cal ammunition
A 45 cal magazine
8 swords
1 machete
8 Codeine tablets
Assorted knives and air pistols

The photo also shows a pair of nunchuks, because you can never be too careful these days?

Bashkim Sylmetaj, 36; Michael Sylmetaj, 42; Adem Sylmetaj, 38; and Zenaida Vaysberg, 32 were arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapons, criminal possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of marijuana.