Earlier this summer, we published a surfboard etiquette guide, to help save boarding fanatics from pissing off their fellow straphangers and incurring online subway shaming. But some people—like the inexplicably shirtless man in the photos above who rode the A train on Friday—just don't want to listen.

A tipster told us he spotted the man around 6 p.m. as he was leaving work in Tribeca to go to the Yankees game. "You can imagine the A line is packed and this bro decides he is going to come back from surfing and take up the whole subway car," the tipster said. "First of all. Where the hell was he surfing. Second of all where is is shirt and why the hell is he sleeping on his board? Rough day surfing?" Maybe he really was just tuckered out from a hard day of surfing!

There's also another possibility: this could be very strategic viral marketing for the surfboard company. It wasn't hot out that day, certainly not shirtless weather. So either he is totally committed to the brah lifestyle, he had a bit of a mental breakdown, or he was getting paid to sit somewhere very public as a bit of "fun viral marketing." In case that is what this is, we've gone ahead and preemptively blacked out the name of the surfboard company.