Back in 2009, we were sent a photo of a rat trapped in a crack in the sidewalk. A thousand reader-submitted Photoshops bloomed, and we were inundated with doctored photos of the rat getting a pedicure, at the center of Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper, and chatting with Larry King. Some three years later, a new trapped animal has at last captured the world's imagination: In the northern German town of Isenhagen, this poor red squirrel was found trapped in a manhole cover!

We really wish there was a happy ending to this story, but the Daily News reports that after police liberated the squirrel "with a little bit of olive oil," it died several hours later, in a nearby garden, surrounded by its newfound loved ones. The cause, according to local police spokesperson Kathrin Feyerabend, was "stress." Somewhere, in a quiet corner of heaven devoid of any dangerous nooks or crannies, we imagine Sad Rat and Sad Squirrel are sipping frosty mugs of German beer and playing a happy game of Pinochle.