Photo by Bobby Finger

Last night around 9:15 p.m., some evening picnickers at Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 1 spotted a shadowy creature on a chain link fence near a walkway. Witness to the scene, Bobby Finger, told us the raccoon "was moving slowly up the back of the fence. He had just one eye, and the other was reduced to a horrifying bloody facial cavity. After hopping over the fence to our side, he climbed down slowly, then landed on the ground, where the park ranger people attempted to catch him." Lindsay Robertson, who once curated a series of videos showing animals with rabies, was also on the scene, and declared the raccoon to be rabid.

The fellow trepidatious picnickers left once help was at the scene, frightened the raccoon would attack. They believe he was caught, but we have been unable to confirm that yet. So be warned, anyone going to see To Kill A Mockingbird in the park tonight.

If you see a rabid raccoon, call 311, and if one attacks you or your pet, call 911 and/or the Animal Bite Unit. And as always, Tweet your experience once you're in a safe zone:

UPDATE: The Brooklyn Bridge Park folks confirm, "There was a raccoon in the park last night but it has since been captured without incident by Parks Enforcement Patrol and NYPD." We are still awaiting to hear if it was rabid, and what happened to it.