"Call me if you want, I guess," Darren told you with a delicate swish of his tail, the Pall Mall the two of you shared burning down to his paws. Sneaking out of your bedroom window to hang with the Party Rats behind the 7-11 was something you loved doing in high school, but when you left town, you never looked back. What ever happened to those Party Rats, those loveable, complicated, slightly sad Rodents of Summer?

Annette Pufall snapped the photo of this Party Rat in Inwood earlier today. A jolly man crammed a cigarette in his mouth and shared his beer, but not how the rat met its demise. "The guy didn't say how the rat died. He was talking about how he wanted to get the rat a little chair to sit in next to his where he sits on the street," Pufall writes.

See you at the Guns N' Roses show tonight, Party Rat.