We never really talk about the exemplary parking jobs—we tend to focus on the drivers who park on top of other cars, the guys who haggle with cops, the ones who leave passive-aggressive notes and passive-aggressive spots. So we appreciate any opportunity to toast to those drivers who brush aside matters of distance and safety and legality in order to squeeze into the perfect spot—like the Park Slope man who wedged his Prius into the bountiful green space above.

What say you, Tuco?

The incident happened Tuesday around 12:40 p.m. near Berkeley Place and Seventh Avenue. "I saw the Toyota make a turn and hit the car on the right. The man then proceeded to make his turn hitting the car on the left," witness Alexander Meditz, who took the photos above, told NBC. "He continued to force his way between the two cars and then ended up getting completely stuck between the next set of cars." Did you also notice that this was a bike lane? Something tells us this man did not.

Witnesses had to beg a traffic cop already in the area to come by and check out the scene, but like us, the traffic cop stood in awe of the 74-year-old would-be parker: "One of the other people there stood in front of the stuck guy's car and begged the officer to come over,” Meditz said. "The officer reluctantly came over [and] the man asked for his name and badge number for doing nothing while this man damaged four other vehicles."

Traffic cops only issue tickets and don't investigate accidents, but apparently there was no ticket to be given out for (even momentarily) parking in a bike lane while damaging other vehicles? Fun loophole!

NBC adds that "the driver told police he miscalculated when trying to park," which is kind of like the Death Star saying it miscalculated when it fired on Alderaan.